Jackson, “The Pine City,” is the largest city in Clarke County and “the best small town in Alabama”.

Founded in 1816, the town was named after the war hero and general, turned seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. The moniker is fitting; like the man, the town is fiercely proud and patriotic, rising from modest roots to serve its people.

While it may be the biggest city in the county, the “Big City” it is not, and the locals like it that way. Residents proudly proclaim Jackson to be the best small town in Alabama—a statement backed by the low cost of living, higher than average graduation rates, solid kindergarten through college education options and numerous social programs that support the community.

This southern town with a warm climate and sunny disposition sits on the east bank of the Tombigbee River where locals pass fair-weather days fishing for bass, white perch, catfish and bream. If all that activity leaves you thirsty and looking for a cold beverage to cap a full day, you’re in luck as Jackson happens to be a “wet” city in a mostly “dry” county.

Over nearly two, centuries Jackson has grown from its timber town roots with a progressive outlook that embraces modernization but also respects history and tradition. While community leaders look to the future with ambitious plans for social and economic development. Jackson’s prevailing cultural values, small-town sensibilities and close-knit community are a throwback to days gone by.

Image courtesy of Charles McCorquodale Law.